£2.12m Bill For Client After Advisers Late Appeal

January 11, 20230

A recent court ruling has resulted in a bill of £2.12 million for a client, after their advisers failed to submit an appeal on time. The case highlights the importance of timely communication and careful record-keeping for both clients and their advisers.


The client in question had been involved in a long-running legal dispute with a third party. The client’s initial legal team had advised them to settle the case, but the client subsequently decided to pursue an appeal.

Unfortunately, the client’s new advisers failed to file the necessary paperwork within the required timeframe, resulting in the dismissal of the appeal. The court then ordered the client to pay the costs incurred by the third party during the appeal process, which amounted to £2.12 million.

Lessons Learned:

This case serves as a cautionary tale for both clients and their advisers. Clients should ensure that they are kept informed of important deadlines and should promptly raise any concerns or questions about their case with their legal team. Advisers, in turn, must ensure that they are providing clear and timely communication with their clients, and must take care to properly document all decisions and actions related to the case.

It is also important to have clear records and communication on critical timelines and deadlines of the case, so that any delays could be prevented or handled accordingly with time.


While the £2.12 million bill for this client is certainly a significant amount, the lessons that can be learned from this case are perhaps even more valuable. By staying informed and communicating effectively, clients and advisers can work together to avoid costly mistakes and ensure the best possible outcome in any legal dispute.

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