Professional advice and assistance with VAT Registration Services For Companies

Our seasoned staff can assist you with anything from VAT Registration Services and reviews to liaising with HMRC. We can help you manage risk and avoid VAT penalties by advising on specific transactions, evaluating VAT processes, and determining the right VAT responsibility of income, whether you’re a UK-based company or an international corporation trading in the UK. The identification of VAT saving opportunities and improvements in the recovery of VAT incurred on spending are other ways in which we can aid with VAT cash flow.

Industries We Support:

● Business establishments such as law offices, accounting businesses, architectural studios, etc.
● Transactions in the Banking and Insurance Industries
● Buying, selling and building commercial and residential real estate
● Foreign firms doing business in the United Kingdom

International Business Between The United Kingdom And The European Union

Many UK firms will have to change how they handle VAT Registration UK, and customs as a result of Brexit. This article will help you understand the anticipated changes to VAT, which may impact your company whether you provide digital services to consumers or sell products online to EU residents.

Realizing Your VAT Requirements

In a world where the indirect tax is becoming an increasingly heavy burden for businesses and VAT systems are becoming continually more complex, ensuring VAT compliance is crucial.

We work with a diverse set of clients, from multinational corporations and nonprofits to government agencies and sole proprietorships, to fulfill their indirect tax needs through outsourcing.

From applying for VAT registration to filing monthly VAT reports, our specialized VAT Returns Advisors And Taxation Services Provider are here to help your business every step of the way. So that our recommendations are comprehensive, we will first make sure we fully grasp your business and your long-term goals. The seemingly trivial first step is to get registered for Value-Added Tax.

Further, we offer to consult services to assist you in maximizing VAT recovery chances and resolving any potential liability concerns. Exactly how we may aid you

VAT And The Effects Of Business Models

We will point out any potential VAT implications arising from your business model. Perhaps you’re wondering if you’ll require separate Mini One Stop Shop or regional registrations.

Obtaining A VAT Number

The process of registering for VAT is not as straightforward as it once was, even if you have figured out what you need to do. Because of a recent uptick in a VAT fraud, tax officials are requesting extensive more data, including copies of photo IDs for all relevant personnel. More and more applications are being investigated, which can lengthen the time it takes to get a VAT number.

We’ll be there to help you throughout the way, reminding you of necessary documents and pointing out potential roadblocks. We can talk to the government on your behalf and explain your company’s operations.

VAT Conformity

After you have registered, we can help you with your periodic filings by either preparing them or reviewing them for you. Our knowledge of multi-territorial VAT concerns is grounded in our extensive experience working with thousands of firms, the vast majority of whom engage in cross-border activities, which can give rise to more complex issues.

For fear of incurring hefty fines from the tax authorities, your returns must be completely accurate. You can reduce your exposure to this risk by having Blick Rothenberg handle your VAT administration.

If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll file your VAT returns and even host auditors if you get picked for an audit.

To conduct these inspections, the inspector has to have access to a lot of data and should be looking to have a thorough understanding of the company. Having an expert there can cut down on wasted time and help prevent misunderstandings.

The Value-Added Tax on Real Estate Deals

Our VAT advisers are available to guide VAT in the event of a change in circumstances, including but not limited to property transactions, business mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

Contact us right away if you need help with value-added tax (VAT), have a more general issue with indirect taxes, or are planning to enter into a transaction and want to know the VAT consequences for your company.